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How do I setup non-superannuation Salary Sacrifice in Visipay?

If you have employees who are salary sacrificing laptops, vehicles, or other non-super items, you may want to track this through payroll.  However, If the Salary Sacrifice has no FBT implications, it might be easier to leave it out of payroll altogether, and simply reduce his hourly rate for ‘standard’ hours to reflect the amount they are sacrificing.

If you need to track and report on FBT, this how Visipay can manage it:

Edit the employee’s pay profile, and add the Earning item with a negative Qty, for the amount they are sacrificing, and add the FBT line for their contribution.  If there is no FBT implication, but you prefer to manage Salary Sacrifice through payroll for reporting reasons, simply ignore the FBT steps above.