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I am getting a “Runtime error 5 invalid procedure call or argument runtime error 440 automation error”

This error is caused by Vision not being able to handle some newer printer drivers, particularly on multi-function laser/scanners.  The best solution is the following:

Open the Windows printer list, and confirm the details of the printer in question, in particular the printer port.

Create a new printer, called “Vision Printer” or similar, that points to the printer in question.  Rather than the default driver, select a generic Windows driver suitable for that model – for almost every model laser printer, you could choose a HP LaserJet 2100 driver, for example.

Re-start Sybiz, and from the main screen, drop down the file menu, and choose “Printing Settings”.  Change all the forms to print to the new Vision Printer.

This should fix your problem.  If the printer in question is used by several people on the network, it might be easier to create the new printer on the server, then share it from each computer.